INUKA Nail Polish & Gel Effect Top Coat

Wearing Nail Polish on my finger nails and toe nails for me, is a must.  It’s a quick and easy exercise once a week to ensure I am looking fabulous all week.  I don’t feel fully dressed without it and I just love when people comment on the colour I’m wearing or how nice my nails look.

For me it’s a dreaded feeling when my nail polish chips off, I almost want to hide my hands away.  BUT I don’t have that problem with INUKA products.

The INUKA Gel Effect Top Coat, is a little miracle product.  It protects your nail polish to stay on for 5 or more days.  I was skeptical that this would really be true, but it is.  I can attest to it.  I wear polish all the time and two coats of colour plus the Gel Effect Top Coat truly lasts 5 or more days on my nails.  Even longer on my toe nails.

INUKA has an amazing range of colours to suit every occasion, I’d love to tell you my favorite but I have so many that fit my style.  I love the bright and deep reds but also like to change it up and wear the pastel pinks and purples.  Of course, a little bling is also required some times and the Silver Glitter Polish brings a salon look when I apply to just one or two nails per hand.

What’s your favorite colour?

Watch the INUKA Long Lasting Colour Stay Nail Polish Range and the INUKA Nail Art Videos here: