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INUKA Business Earnings And Benefits

INUKA offers one of the most rewarding Compensation Plans in the Network Marketing Industry.

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6 Ways to Earn and Benefit

Immediate Retail Profit​

Members buy products at Wholesale Prices from INUKA and sell to their customers at Recommended Retail Prices. The difference between your purchase price (Wholesale Price) and your selling price (Retail Price) is your Retail Profit. INUKA recommends that Members sell at suggested Retail Prices, but you are welcome to independently determine your own selling prices. INUKA suggests a 50% Retail Profit. Based on the 50% Recommended Retail Profit, a R130 Wholesale Product will retail for R195, implying a R75 profit.


Once-Off Fast Progress Leadership Cash Rebates are given to Members who achieve Pearl Leadership Status and beyond, within a certain period of time. Once-off cash rebates range between R1,000 to R200,000. Members who achieve Diamond Statuses are paid the Once-off cash rebates regardless of the time since joining. Once you have reached an INUKA status or leadership level, you will NEVER BE DEMOTED.


Qualifying Senior and beyond Members receive monthly cash Volume Rebates. INUKA pays monthly Volume Rebates up to
16% on Personal PV and Group PV, depending on your monthly productivity. Monthly Volume Rebates are based on monthly
sales and recruiting efforts by leaders and their downlines (4 levels deep).

Quarterly Maintenance Rebates

In addition to monthly cash Volume Rebate pay-outs, INUKA rewards leaders who maintain Emerald Status and beyond for all 3 months in an INUKA quarter (Jan – Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul – Sept & Oct-Dec). Quarterly Maintenance Rebates are based on your Group PV (4 levels deep) and your personal recruiting efforts. Quarterly Maintenance Rebates range between R3,500 to R660,000.

Annual and Quarterly Cash Rebates & Awards

To salute hard working business leaders, INUKA gives cash rebates to Members who achieve set challenges as well as to top-performing leaders and newcomers. Annual performance bonuses (also referred to as the Rainbow Challenge) reward qualifying Personal Sales, Group Sales, Recruiting and Promoting. Rainbow Performance Rebates are guaranteed unlimited cash rewards to qualifying Leaders.


All cars earned at INUKA are registered in your name and will become your personal property.

Create a business in which your family can participate