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INUKA exists to make a positive impact on the lives we touch. Not only do we want to walk a journey with people to create a reliable, consistent and growing income, but we also care about the person you become on this journey. Be part of a journey where we encourage personal growth and where you can embrace many adventures on your way.

20th July 2017


FIKILE NLHAPO TOP NEW BUSINESS LEADER 2017: 2nd Place NEVER ALLOW POVERTY TO STEAL YOUR DREAMS So many things have changed in my life since joining this business. My entire family gets the opportunity to smell amazing at an affordable price while I build my financial independence. What I really appreciate about […]
20th July 2017


MOIPONE SETLHOTLHA Top 10 Business Leader 2017 IF YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE. I was introduced to the business by a friend and immediately decided to join INUKA. I will never regret this decision. Initially I joined just to make profits on personal sales. Soon I understood that INUKA has much more to […]
20th July 2017


ROANN VETTER TOP NEW BUSINESS LEADER 2017 and TOP 25 BUSINESS LEADER 2017 WHAT YOU SOW, YOU SHALL REAP I love the giving nature of INUKA because it works on a principle so dear to my heart: What you sow, you shall reap! INUKA has sown into the very lives of every […]
26th October 2016


BENVINDA SITOE Top 10 Business Leader 2017 FROM A CATERPILLAR TO A BUTTERFLY. I was so eager to fly, but never imagined that I could fly this high. I was working towards my goals and never thought that I could be a Top 10 Business Leader. INUKA is the Best business that […]
26th October 2016


KATE SEKHU INUKA Ambassador and No 1 Business Leader 2017 MY OVERNIGHT SUCCESS TOOK 1000 DAYS My achievement is backed by countless hours of hard work, sleepless nights and long hours of dedicated work 7 days a week. The journey has not been easy but my message to all is that anyone […]
25th April 2017


Kika Ntolo Top 10 Business Leader 2017 THE GREATEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE SOMEONE IS YOUR TIME. BECAUSE WHEN YOU GIVE YOUR TIME, YOU ARE GIVING A PORTION OF YOUR LIFE THAT YOU WILL NEVER GET BACK. This year was the best of all my years in INUKA. I greatly appreciate all […]
4th May 2017


MILLICENT MOTHA Top New Business Leader 2016 INUKA BROUGHT OUT THE BEST IN ME. I declined the opportunity to join INUKA in 2013. I thought that the business was too good to be true and did not want to take the risk. I even told Kate Sekhu, that wanted me to become […]
26th October 2016


MONICA NXELE Top 5 Business Leader 2017 INUKA:DREAM BIG, WORK HARD, STAY FOCUSED AND SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD PEOPLE We all have dreams, but to make dreams come true it will take tremendous determination and dedication. Never be afraid to dream big and aim high if you are prepared to put in […]
26th October 2016


ORATILE THOBEJANE Top 10 Business Leader 2017 My journey to Top 10 was hard work and filled with many challenges. I had to juggle between my work and my INUKA Business. The first time I became a Top 10 Business Leader in 2016, I was a registered INUKA Member for ONLY 10 […]
26th October 2016


RUTH LUTALO Top 5 Business Leader 2017 LIKE A SMALL BOAT IN THE OCEAN SENDING BIG WAVES INTO MOTION, I CAN CREATE AN EXPLOSION. My journey to success has indeed been like the circle of success below and requires all aspects to link together to build and maintain a consistent and reliable […]
26th October 2016


URSULA GORDON Top 5 Business Leader 2017 THINK POSITIVE, BE POSITIVE AND POSITIVE THINGS WILL HAPPEN. I am so happy and proud to be an INUKA Top 5 Business Leader. The most important aspect of growing a consistent, reliable and growing INUKA Business is to focus on the 4 pillars of success: […]