Asanda Ralarala


My hustle is personal.

When I started INUKA, I didn’t know much. All I had was a DREAM! A dream of a better life and having money to support my family. I was hungry for a better life. I was hungry for Success, and I was hungry for a soft life. Little did I know I would earn 3 to 4 times my basic salary.

It was and is still a journey, but I enjoy every challenge. I got rejected, disappointed, discouraged, hated, loved, inspired, lost money, gained money, met family, met enemies, and most of all, made money, and I am still making money.

I firmly believe that all successful business owners go through most, if not all, of the above. If things are not going well in our Business, remember you are not alone. I’ve been and am still there, far from FAILURE.

It starts with YOU. It is about YOU. Play your part. Do it, NOW. Do it FOR YOU. Your hustling is personal.

Maintaining the Top 25 for 5 consecutive years requires full attention on my INUKA Business. The most important is to visualize myself at the top and take a journey with your mind. Find strategies, do your research, and share information with our Team.

Dream, work on it, and achieve it, and our INUKA Family will celebrate with you.