INUKA’S 10th Anniversary is certainly a milestone worth sharing

Luxury Cosmetic and Fragranced Products


As an INUKA Member you will be part of our vision where we encourage personal growth, where you can embrace
many adventures on your way and where you can wake up each morning doing the things that brings you most happiness.
INUKA is an opportunity where you can make your life a masterpiece and live a great story worth sharing.

Living Brave & Nomakanjani

With the experience and knowledge you gained in 2021 to become our SuperHeroes; you are now ready to take the next step to embrace our NEW SLOGAN for 2022.

May 2022 be your year to LIVE BRAVELY by being :

· BOLD enough to start over in 2022 and create the fulfilled and enriched world you want to live in.
· COURAGEOUS enough to chase your dreams.
· STRONG enough to overcome your fears and to live outside your comfort zone.

No matter what! Nomakanjani.


IT’S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3

The INUKA Business Opportunity requires no registration cost or major
investment, other than buying samples of the products and your choice of an
INUKA Kit, also known as a Business Kit.

Choose a once-off Business Kit that’s right for YOU! There are 5 kits to choose
from that offers exceptional value. Your Business Kit will include a variety of our
top selling products that you can sell and
reinvest in your business.

Many of the people who become INUKA Members have never owned a
business or thought of being an entrepreneur. What sets INUKA apart to be a
company with a difference is our mission to create an environment where our
entrepreneurs will feel at home. We offer free training, ongoing support and
encourage you to work towards a better tomorrow and to share in your
triumphs and challenges.


Our Compensation Plan rewards our business entrepreneurs for selling products and for promoting the INUKA Business Opportunity.
Our vision is to create a platform for anyone seeking to obtain financial independence to supplement, replace or exceed their current income -
embracing the part-time sales person and the more serious career builder. With INUKA, anyone can start their own business and share in our
top-quality products, rewarding earnings and compensation plan


1. Earn Immediate Retail Profit. Create an everyday income with your retail
profit to spoil your family with luxuries, buy airtime and data, healthy family
dinners and family weekend breakaways.
2. Earn Once-off Fast Progress Leadership Cash Rebates ranging
between R1,000 - R200, 000.
Pamper yourself, buy luxury items to use in
or around your house or reinvest back into your business to earn more profit.
3. Earn Monthly Cash Volume Rebates up to 16% on Personal PV and
Group PV, 4 levels deep, depending on you and your group’s monthly
productivity. This can become your reliable source of a regular income
towards your monthly grocery expenses, tuition for your children, electricity
bill, cellphone contract and much more.
4. Earn Quarterly Maintenance Rebates ranging R3,000 to R600,000
every quarter. This is your Lifestyle Bonus Program to use towards your dream
car and dream home.
5. INUKA gives Annual and Quarterly Cash Rebates to Members who
achieve set challenges as well as to top performing leaders and newcomers.
6. The INUKA Car Reward Program. DREAM IT, EARN IT, OWN IT. All
cars earned at INUKA are registered in your name and will become your
personal property.

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We know that being an entrepreneur takes planning and perseverance.

For this reason, we have a dedicated Helpdesk with experienced and
passionate Consultants to share in your goals and encourage you in every step
towards building your sustainable business.

INUKA hosts Quarterly and Annual Events to keep in touch with Members, to provide information and training as well as to recognize and reward our hard-working Members and Newcomers.