Claris Shava


Firstly, I want to thank God for making it possible for me to be included in the INUKA history books of INUKA Ambassadors. Among the hundreds of thousands of INUKA Members, I feel honoured to be recognized as the new INUKA Ambassador 2023.

Special thanks go to my INUKA Limitless Team, who I currently have no words to use to describe them. Indeed, the name Limitless is the perfect one because, against all odds, all limits we made it to the peakiest top of INUKA. I am grateful because I can confidently say I won with my Team.

In 2017 and 2018, I attended the INUKA Sales Quarter Events on my own. Now, more than 200 ++ Zimbabwean Members attend INUKA Events, a remarkable growth indicator. In 2018, only 1 Member was recognized as a Top 25 Business Leader, 2 in 2021 and 6 of us in 2023. All 6 came from my INUKA Family Tree, and 3 are my Direct Downlines. It takes my breath away.

Despite our challenges in Zimbabwe, we grew and rose above them. To grow to become an Ambassador doesn’t happen without any obstacles. But what is a great man without overcoming challenges? Great people are measured by the challenges they take up and overcome.

Besides prayer, visualization and declarations, my Ambassador journey was fuelled by the growth of my Team, which led to an increase in my Volume Rebates and Quarterly Maintenance Bonus. Success, for me, isn’t a destination. While the focus was on becoming the INUKA Ambassador, I was determined to win every month and every quarter, thus making the journey more enjoyable. I enjoyed raising sustainable leaders in 2023, so I am so excited about the recently launched INUKA Vuka Challenge of growing leaders. I will challenge every leader and aspiring Ambassador to take up this INUKA Incentive.

To anyone wanting to work for the Ambassador title, especially for the 1st time, I would say you need to develop capacity for the journey. It would be best to create a balance in all 4 Rainbow Pillars. Going for Ambassador prematurely will not fulfil you; it will strain you. I already desired this title in 2017; the 7-year journey was worth it!

To my Husband and kids, thank you for always believing in me, cheering me up, and being patient when I was under pressure. I thank God that the honour came to our home.

To my Special Limitless Ambassador Team, we are not done yet! While we celebrate this milestone, let’s stay true to the principles that got us to the top. While we might not be the most gifted Team, let’s keep taking the seemingly little steps as we march towards the most significant life. As the days slip into weeks, weeks into months, we will arrive at a place called EXTRAORDINARY. Our focus is on growth, and we will maintain that mantra.
Special thank you to the INUKA Staff who work with us daily. We made it to this title together.

If you are not yet an INUKA Member, join the chariot NOW!