Relda Koko


First, I thank God for my INUKA Business Opportunity. Thank you also to my Team of millionaires who are in the making. I am here as a representative, but as an INUKA Business Leader in the 6th Position, it means that we, as a team, worked for this Position. We achieved what we planned. It wasn’t luck or by chance. It resulted from small daily efforts, self-discipline, and an understanding that motivation is essential but not enough. None of us wake up every day in a great mood. It takes discipline to do what we must, even if we don’t like it.

Everything changed my mindset when I understood that the INUKA Annual Recognition and Incentives were more than just a Cash Reward or a position. All the Incentives are well thought out and critical to assist us in building a sustainable and growing business along the journey. This redefined my way of working. It also redefined my goals. Consequently, my actions and behaviours changed, and I intensified my training with my leaders on a journey to financial independence.

The most important thing I did with my Team was to work on our habits to instill a mindset of Success in them. All transformation begins in the mind, but it only transforms when we act, which is execution.

The first thing I ask all my Downlines is their reason for starting their INUKA Business. With a WHY, we can plan and map out well-defined objectives, what to focus on, and deadlines to achieve goals. Together, we can identify our strengths and weaknesses and create new habits proportionate to our goals.