Marcia Mutimucuio


I surpassed myself. 2023 was a year in which I designed several sales, recruitment, and promotion strategies. Some worked out at first because I determined that I didn’t want any Members with a New Member Status in my 2023 downlines and that I just wanted to help them reach at least Senior Status.

My tears at the INUKA Annual GALA Event were because of 7 months of a lot of pain that I held back and never allowed anyone to realize in my life. Half a year ended, and the pain of loss began that lasted the rest of the year. I had several difficulties, difficulties that blocked my mind. Depression took over me… and even then, I had to learn to walk in the storm.

With the year 2023, I learned several lessons, including the importance of resilience, work and, above all, determination. It wasn’t an easy year. If I could, I would have asked for it not to exist, but it’s essential to learn to dance even in the rain instead of giving up on our dreams.

I also want to invite everyone who wants to change their story in this Business to start over with more strength, energy, and determination.

Thank you to all the Club40 Members on my Team for contributing to getting where we are. To my entire Business Team, I would like to say the following: Don’t look for perfect plans; look for daily execution. One of our strategies for achieving results is obvious: We work daily on tasks leading to the desired results.

Plans are important. However, they do not need to be perfect; they must be functional and accompanied by daily tasks that add value. Sales are fundamental in every type of entrepreneurship.

Thank you, Alma Gericke, our INUKA Founder, for teaching us how to discover our strengths.