Sipiwe Masvikeni


Self-driven goals will always yield the desired results. Moving from being Number 32 in 2022 to Top 5 Business Leader in 2023 was proof enough that all things are possible to him who believes.

The INUKA Compensation Plan requires one to be selfless and love your Team and the INUKA community, regardless. Ensure you strive to earn from all 6 ways that INUKA offers, the most important being your Retail profits.

The INUKA cake of opportunity is enormous and unlimited. As a leader, you must lead by example, following all the incentives closely and setting targets. You are your own Team’s number-one inspiration. Growth comes with consistency and focus. Jumping from one company to the next will confuse the whole Team. Success does not happen overnight; it takes a lot of hard work, focus, consistency, discipline, sacrifices and sleepless nights. I had to choose to forego many luxuries, block out the noise and remove excuses.

Today, I am fulfilled to see families and Zimbabwe communities benefiting from this business opportunity. Our common goal as a team is to chase poverty from our pockets. I’m happy to announce that I will start my second housing project soon. My first house is done and dusted, thanks to INUKA.

When you have a vision, pray for it, plan how to execute it, and engage. Be patient, love the process, and don’t fear taking risks. Negative forces could distract me from focusing on my big why of joining the Business. However, I use adverse circumstances to give me more power to exert myself.

I want to thank God for his grace and peace. Thank you, Alma, for this phenomenal, life-changing Business Opportunity blessing homes. Thank you, INUKA Crew, for your hard work. We should not forget our Helpdesk mentor, Mamma Rose, for showing us the way. To my Husband and children, I thank you for your patience. Thank you to my Proof Producers Team for being the Top 5 Team in 2023. Our dreams are coming to reality.

Yes, God is using a bottle of perfume to transform lives.