My Little Secret

I love to be unique and I recently read up on blending your perfumes to create your own individual fragrance and wow, I have come up with a masterpiece.

My little secret is that I spray INUKA Modern Me Yellow as well as INUKA Si Si fragrance to create my very own exclusive fragrance.

The uplifting aroma of roses and the fruitiness of pomegranate leading into the citrus zing of lemon in the Modern Me Yellow combines effortlessly with the floral fragrance notes of Rose, Blackcurrant and Musk found in the Si Si fragrance.

Together, I have created this beautiful fragrance that puts me in a Summery mood.  It reminds me of a garden with fruit trees and flowers in full bloom.  Of long golden sandy beaches.  Of luxurious summer holidays, with big sun hats and flowing dresses and the warmth of the summer sun on my skin.

What’s your little secret going to be?