Flawless Finish Cosmetic Applicator

Once in while you come across a product that just works and you can’t remember how you managed before you had it.  This is one of those products.

Putting on makeup has never been something I was ever very good at.  I struggled to apply foundation so that it looked natural and didn’t look like I had a mask on.  I have used my fingers, bought expensive foundation brushes, but I always seem to find that later in the day when I am seeing my makeup in different lighting that I have to take a tissue to try and blend it a little more.

The INUKA Flawless Finish Cosmetic Applicator has changed all that for me.  It applies your foundation with amazing results.  It’s important to wet your sponge thoroughly to expand it and then squeeze out the excess water before use.  Then apply your foundation, blending as you go by dabbing (not swiping it on).  Keep dabbing until you see it has blended nicely.  You can use more than one shade to brighten your eye area or highlight your cheek bones. 

I have also noticed, since using the Flawless Finish Cosmetic Applicator that I use less foundation – it just goes so much further.  I strongly suggest you watch the INUKA video tutorial which shows you just how easy this is to do.   https://inuka.co.za/product-videos/

I have my foundation applied in half the time and it’s so much more clinical using a sponge instead of my fingers.  Not once, since using the sponge, have I had to try and fix or touch up my foundation during the day. 

I can highly recommend this product.

Product Description:

Allows for impeccable and streak-free application from highlighting brows, applying buildable foundation coverage, seamless blending and contouring with minimum product waste. Patting products on the face will avoid creases and provide a flawless finish without filling wrinkles with foundation and causing noticeable creases.