Dare To Be Rare 30ml Perfume for Him & Her

I’m so excited to share my experience about the 30ml Dare to be Rare Perfume. This is a gender-neutral fragrance that I recently added to my perfume wardrobe.

I am addicted to this perfume. It’s a masterpiece of uniquely and perfectly blended perfume notes. A breeze of citrus notes comes through followed by the deep base notes of vanilla and amber that gives me the feeling of strength. It makes me feel adventurous and inspired to go about my day and night with courage to DARE to be RARE.

Building a perfume wardrobe is so important to me because I want to smell unique for different occasions and feel amazing every day. I like to switch up my perfumes and keep people asking what I am wearing. I have firm favourites for going on a night out and others that I wear day-to-day depending on my mood in the morning. Dare to be Rare fits in both categories and I’m so happy that I added this to my collection.

INUKA perfumes contain at least 22% fragranced oil so the smell is long lasting. I spray my perfume just above my wrist area, so it won’t affect my watch and bracelets, neck area and a quick spray to walk through to get it in my hair. Did you know that perfume last longer in your hair than on your skin because the oil in our hair is an amazing fragrance keeper?

I find this scent so uplifting and complimentary that I will be adding the Dare To Be Rare Body Wash and Lotion to my set so I get the ultimate perfume experience – and of course purchasing a 2nd bottle for my husband as it has become a favourite of his as well.

Customer experience is so powerful so please share your experiences with me, I’d love to hear your product feedback.

For more perfume tips be sure to watch the INUKA video here: https://inuka.co.za/product-videos/