Daily Facial Foaming Cleanser

One of my absolute favourite INUKA Products is the Facial Cleanser. I have used the very top of the range products for many years that come with a hefty price tag, but I’ve always believed my skin is worth it. So, when INUKA launched their skin products I was quite excited to try them out.

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this product is. My skin feels smooth and silky immediately after using it. It removes any make up I have left on and it does not leave my skin feeling tight or dry. I don’t even use a toner any more as my pores are not open after use. Of course, I follow up with the INUKA Moisturizer but that is for another blog.

I love this product so much I have one by my bathroom sink, one next to the bath and one in the shower so wherever I am cleaning myself I have one within reach. It is such great value for money that I have my whole family using it. My husband loves it. He no longer has dry skin and I can especially see a huge difference in that my daughter’s face blemishes have cleared up and she is looking radiant.

If you are like me and like to spend some time away from home, then the handy samples that come in an easy snap open sachet are perfect to pop into your vanity bag.

This uniquely formulated and scientifically developed Daily Facial Foaming Cleanser will break down dead and dry skin cells, remove makeup, normalize oil levels while also refreshing the skin for a more radiant complexion. Suitable for sensitive, normal, combination and mature skin. Excellent for blemish and acne-prone skin and can be used all over the body when struggling with back acne. Calming essential oils will support moisture levels and minimize dryness.

We received this amazing client testimonial from Margie Heslop, one of our INUKA Members:
I have gone from using other well-known expensive brands to INUKA Facial Products and loving the new products. I love, love the Facial Wash….Well done, INUKA!

Check our the INUKA Daily Facial Foaming Cleanser tutorial video here: https://inuka.co.za/product-videos/