Beautiful Shoes Deserve Beautiful Feet

The INUKA Foot File has changed my life.

I have a little pet hate and that is my heels not looking smooth and healthy.  If my heels are a little dry or even, heavens forbid, a few cracks appear, I won’t wear open shoes.   And I do so love my flips flops in summer and even more my glitzy sling back high heel sandals.

I go for a pedicure a few times a year, usually to get ready for summer and honestly, it’s one of those appointments that I struggle to fit in to my schedule.  I try to look after my own feet, I’ve bought many foot files – even an electric one, but none of them really did the job like going for a pedicure UNTIL I purchased the INUKA Foot File.

I bought all the INUKA foot products and went through the process of soaking my feet in their luxurious foot soak but when I took the foot file to my feet I was blown away.  It works, it truly works.  I don’t know why or how it is different from other foot files, but this little gem is now my prized possession.  I don’t need to soak my feet first, just a quick rub with it on my heels a few times a week keeps my heels in perfect condition.  Thank you INUKA.

If you are like me and love your glam shoes with open backs, then this is a must have product to take pride of place in your draw so you too can have amazing looking feet all year round to wear your favourite shoes with pride.

Be sure to watch the INUKA Foot Care Range video here