99 Balloons

Many years ago, while watching an episode of Oprah I was profoundly touched by a YouTube clip Oprah shared on that show. It was called 99 Balloons. If you haven’t watched this then you should.

It’s about a father who wrote short letters to his newborn son who was born with Edward syndrome and Doctors hadn’t expected him to even make it to birth.

It’s a very touching story and I warn you, have the tissues ready. But the message I took from this story and carry with me every day is to live for today. Be happy today. None of us know what tomorrow may bring so living your life one day at a time and being the best, you can be every day is something I now live by.

As the mother in the 99 balloons story put it so perfectly in her interview with Oprah “I told my husband that I’ll be sad later, I’m going to enjoy every second now”.

Life puts many things in your path that you cannot control, but you choose how you are going to respond and get through it.

Watch the 99 Balloons video. Click here.