Finding Balance and Harmony in Your Life

As an entrepreneur it’s sometimes difficult to know when to stop. When have we done enough for one day or for one week?

How many hours a day is enough to reach my goals? When I ask myself this question I also need to ask if my cup is full or, is my cup only half full.

Working at full steam and not stopping, although satisfying to know what I am achieving, leaves me with turmoil that I am not dividing my time up correctly. If I don’t take decisive action this can dominate my mind.

Taking time for my family and for myself is a priority and something I never lose track of. If I have worked day and night for days on end a guilty feeling starts to creep in and I know it’s time to fill my cup again.

How do I keep the balance right and make sure I am Living My Best Life?

I try to plan a full day once a week to have time for myself and time with my family. It’s not always possible but I find if I don’t plan then it won’t happen.

Taking my son to a movie, a date night with my husband, time to go girly shopping with my daughter are all things that I plan for. My family appreciate that I work hard, and they appreciate even more when I set dates with them for “our” time. Even if it is only once a month.

I also have a rule in my home that we all sit down at the table to eat dinner together. For 30 minutes we don’t look at our cell phones, no T.V and no work talk. It’s family time and for 30 minutes or so we focus on “US”.