Multi level marketing

Don’t Let Excuses Stand In Your Way

I put off becoming an entrepreneur for many years. I had so many reasons why this could go wrong and how I could fail. I made excuses that I didn’t have enough money for start up costs. I didn’t have enough time available to do this parallel to my day job to get going. I didn’t have all the skills I needed. I felt there is too much competition out there. But my biggest excuse was always “the timing isn’t right”.

Now that I am an entrepreneur, I look back at all the excuses I made and realize how they were more about me being scared to take the leap and, if I’m honest, building a business is hard work and I just didn’t think I had the energy to put all the effort in that it takes to really make my own business successful.

We can become very comfortable with our lives and don’t want to change the norm. Not to mention that the unknown is scary, so it’s much easier to make excuses.

I am so happy that I took the leap and stopped making excuses. However, in my day to day life as an entrepreneur those excuses still tend to creep in and could hold me back from excelling and pushing my businesses to the next level if I let them.

For example, if it’s raining, I think about putting off going to see a client. If it’s a Friday afternoon I tend to think who would want to talk to me now. I know what my excuses are, and I push myself to not allow them to creep in and hold me back.

What excuses do you make? Spend a little time identifying and acknowledging them, then make the decision to not allow them to hinder you any more on your journey to success.