Don’t hope, decide

With the arrival of 2020 I want to share a story I heard that I think is so powerful to help you decide to strive for whatever it is your heart desires.

The story is about a man who was waiting at airport arrivals and witnessed a traveller returning home to his family.  He embraced each of his children in turn telling them he had missed them and how much he loved them and then turned to his wife and gave her a long passionate kiss and embrace.

The man watching couldn’t help himself but to ask how long he had been away and was surprised when the reply was two days.  After witnessing the warm reunion, he had felt sure that the traveller had been away for weeks if not months.  The man then told the traveller that he hoped his marriage one day would be that strong. 

The traveller replied quite simply …. Don’t hope, decide.

May 2020 be your year where you not only hope but DECIDE to make 2020 your best year ever, living your best life.