Life & Business Rules

What kind of rules do you have in your life and especially your business to ensure you stay on track?

As with most corporate companies who have policies and rules, so you too should have rules in your business that you do your best to adhere to.

By creating excellent habits, we create excellence in our lives without even realizing it.

Some of my rules are:

I get up an hour earlier every day to ensure I have a power hour to think, review, plan and contemplate my day ahead. I set the alarm clock and really stick to it. During this time, I also fill my cup with inspirational and motivational research or reading. It’s a great positive way to start my day.

I tackle my most challenging activities first. I don’t like putting them aside for later because it sits on my mind and I find myself thinking up ways to put them off until tomorrow. I don’t have time for distractions, so I just get them out of the way.

I start work at the same time (or earlier) every day and I work a set number of hours (or more) to ensure I stay on top of and ahead of my workload.

I have dinner with my family every evening when possible at the dining table. Family time is important too!

Declutter and simplify – At the end of every day I clear my workstation to start tomorrow fresh. I have the same rules in my home, if I don’t use it anymore, I throw it away or give it away. I make my bed; I clear away dishes and generally put things back where they belong. I’m organized and it gives me a sense of achievement and control in my life.

Every evening I put my phone on charge so tomorrow I start with a full battery and that’s how I want my day to feel, like I have a full battery and I’m rearing to go.

What rules do you have in your life, I’d love to hear them?