Progress is Impossible Without Change

Having been an entrepreneur for a number of years now I can look back at all the changes I’ve had to make along the way to ensure my journey is a successful one.

Change is always a scary thought. It’s a risk but if we don’t take risks then we will not make any progress and competitors will overtake us.

Take time to research what others are doing. Are they doing it better than you? What can you do differently to ensure your business is the one people choose? Always ask yourself these three questions, “What must I keep doing and can improve on? What must I stop doing? What must I start doing?”

If you are selling products, how is your service to your customers different to that of your competitors? Is your marketing plan bringing the required sales? If the answer is no then you need to change it.

If you are delivering a service to your clients, why are they using you and not your competitor. Are you losing business to your competitors? Find out why to evaluate what you need to change.

Price matters but you don’t have to compromise your price if you have a quality product or deliver an above average and reliable service. People are generally happy to pay a little more for great quality products or a highly recommended service.

If things are going well, we can settle into a comfort zone and that’s dangerous. We should be striving daily to improve to stay ahead of competitors.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy

The champions are the ones who constantly look at what works, what doesn’t and what can I do better.