The Day You Plant The Seed Is Not The Day You Eat The Fruit

We all have dreams of making it big, being able to afford the luxuries we have dreamed of and living a comfortable life.

I have embarked on several “get rich quick” schemes in my lifetime and looking back I can remember the hope that I had each time I did it.  I trustingly joined pyramid schemes only to realize afterwards that I had given my money away and wasn’t going to benefit in any way.

I also tried joining various companies in the hopes of earning additional income to supplement my salary, and while some were successful, others were not. Looking back, I can identify the one’s that didn’t work because I was too hasty to earn an income and didn’t do my research into the company and products and in some instances, I gave up too soon.  The one that really did work for me was one with a trusted, sought after, reliable product.  A well-known business opportunity that had been around for several years.  I did my research I planned and slowly grew a business.  For quite a few years I made a good monthly income from my business to supplement my salary.

One thing that all the above have in common was that when I made the decision to try and earn extra money, I needed it right then and there.  I was impatient and desperate at times instead of steadily growing my business.  I can attribute many of my failures to wanting things to happen overnight and giving up too soon when I wasn’t making the money quickly enough.

I know many of you as entrepreneurs will be able to relate to my experiences having possibly done the same yourself.  I hope that you are now settled in a business where you are growing and steadily improving your income.

Plant your seed, water your seed every day, make sure to feed your plant while it is growing and watch your plant begin to bear the fruit that you are patiently waiting for.

I’ll leave you with this quote:

Success is no accident.  It’s hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love what you are doing. – Pele