The Influence Of Others

Show me your friends and I will know who you are – Vladmir Lenin

Having the right people around you can change your outlook, your personality, your belief in yourself.

If you surround yourself with people who have good values, people who will enrich your life, people you can learn from, then you are setting yourself up for success.

If you allow negative people into your circle, unsuccessful people who complain and feel the world owes them something, then you too will begin to feel this way.

Negative people look for someone to unburden themselves on. They want someone who will listen to all their problems and issues. Don’t let yourself become that person.

I learnt this lesson along the way and slowly but surely trimmed the negativity from my circle. I now surround myself with successful, happy people. Some are friends, some are only acquaintances, but they are all playing a role to make me a better me.

So, look for positive people to befriend, mingle with the successful and reach out to people you look up to. These are the people who will push you to succeed, will inspire you and help you grow as a person.

You become who you surround yourself with.