It’s greener where you water it

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side,it’s greener where you water it.

Early on in my career I found myself in a pretty awesome job. Working with amazing bosses who helped me to spread my wings, allowing me to learn as I went along and held my hand when I had challenges. I’ll never forget the day I turned 21 and I received a huge bouquet of flowers with a note that said “Never stop smiling, you bring happiness to the office.” I was truly happy.

Later that year I pursued a better salary and jumped at the opportunity to join a company that “said” they give bonuses throughout the year when the company is doing well, as well as a very generous bonus at year end. Well I thought my ship had come in and I waved goodbye and made the exciting move.

Sadly, the economy took a turn, competition became fierce and yes, you guessed it, there were no bonuses, not even a year end bonus.

I had jumped at the opportunity to earn more leaving behind a company that offered me a chance to grow and develop my skills and climb upward to achieve and earn more.

Very often we learn lessons the hard way, this was one that I will never forget.