Giving from the heart

Some time ago I upgraded my sons’ bed and had to find a new home for his single bed that had super underbed storage draws. I intended to sell the second-hand bed and did a little research on how much a good as new second-hand bed could be sold for.

My son’s new bed arrived and suddenly his old bed was terribly in the way and I had to make a decision. On a whim I contacted a charity and asked if they had any families in need of a bed and of course they did. The bed was collected and that was that.

I didn’t give it another thought until a few days later I received a message via WhatsApp from a mother who was thanking me for the amazing gift I had given to her child who had never had a bed before. She even sent a picture. I cannot begin to tell you the feelings I had, let’s just say I was overcome with emotion and tears ran down my face.

No amount of money would have enriched me as a person the way this did. I find now that I count my blessings a little more consciously and when I have something that I no longer use I pass it on to someone who will find it valuable.

Try it – Pay it forward and you will see!