We All Start with Training Wheels

Starting a business is like riding a bike.  Most of us have learnt to ride a bike at some point in our lives.  There are millions of people riding bikes so it must be simple, right?

For children we would put on training wheels to help them build up confidence and learn how to use the pedals but when the training wheels come off, they are still going to wobble and fall off the bike but they don’t give up.  They continue trying and before they know it, they are riding around with confidence.

Learning to do something new is not that simple.  It takes practice and patience while you get the hang of it.  In business we need to remember to put on our training wheels and go through the initial learning phase to understand our business and what is needed to be done.  We can’t take those training wheels off until we are confident that we will not fall and hurt ourselves.  When we do take them off, we need to expect that there will be wobbles along the way but we can’t give up, we need to practice and build our confidence.

I am a learner and I will never be too proud to say it.  Every day I feed myself with information to expand my mind.  I don’t believe that anyone is too old to learn something new.  I told someone recently that I am a sponge.  When I find myself in a situation where I don’t know how to do something, then I learn.  If I can’t find it on the internet then I turn to anyone who can teach me and I soak up the information.  I am empowering myself and in turn I teach others about the things I know how to do.

Becoming an expert in your field takes time and is a continuous learning journey.  Don’t let yourself give up when your journey is just beginning.

As Albert Einstein perfectly said:  “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”