I water you, you water me. Together we grow.

Welcome to our Power Of Sharing Blog

I have been an entrepreneur for a few years now and I share this passion with my husband who has been an entrepreneur for 13 years.

Being an entrepreneur is rewarding but you also realize that it can sometimes be a lonely place as there are no colleagues to chat to or office parties to attend. Apart from our clients feedback we don’t have reviews where we are given clear directions and where we need to improve, it’s all up to us.

Over the years we have discovered that we need to self-evaluate to continually improve but more importantly we need to self-motivate.

There are days when I find my cup is only half full and motivation levels are running low and it’s up to me to fix this.

Twice a month I will share stories of motivation with you and how I fill my cup again to stay motivated and push through when things get a little tough. This is not aimed only at INUKA Entrepreneurs but entrepreneurs from all walks of life and you are most welcome to share this with all you know. By sharing real life experiences, I hope to help fill your cup to encourage you to be the best YOU that you can be.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and any stories you would like to share with me. We all learn through trial and error but also from witnessing and hearing others’ success stories and how they have overcome the challenges that faced them.

Life is a journey and we don’t have to do it alone – let’s share.

Until next time, Sue