Guard your reputation

You know the saying “Your reputation precedes you”. Well it’s true.

We go about our lives oblivious to the impact we may be having on others. If we choose to talk badly about people, belittle people and generally be a negative person then no wonder we end up being feared, not liked and avoided.

In my years of working in management I think the worst thing I ever heard from an employee was; “I was so afraid of you until I got to know you”. It struck me so hard to hear those words because clearly, I was sending out a vibe that I was someone to fear.

I immediately changed my approach to people to ensure they saw me as friendly, approachable and fair. I would walk around the office greeting people, paying them compliments and smiling – always smiling … sending out positivity. Never complaining and always finding the good in challenges.

Now I am an entrepreneur and it’s a priority to keep a check on my reputation. I want to be reliable, approachable and trustworthy to my clients. I keep my promises and deliver a valuable service with a smile and grateful attitude.

Most importantly I am guarding my reputation by being honest. If I make a mistake, I own it. People respect you more for your honesty than if you make excuses.