You are capable of anything

I recently read Ed Sheeran by Sean Smith. What an eye opener. He wasn’t born with a voice or musical skills. He decided when he was 10 years old that he wanted to learn how to play the guitar and from there he decided he would like to be a singer. For a boy who had to overcome a stutter and develop a singing voice, because he wasn’t very good when he started out, to the young man he is now at the top of his chosen profession as a successful top selling artist.

His determination to succeed and not allowing any hurdle to get in his way is truly inspiring. He stepped out of his shy comfort zone and did whatever was needed to reach his goal. He suffered along the way, sleeping wherever someone would allow him a night on the couch. Going from gig to gig making barely enough money to travel to the next gig the next day. He did this for years, not a few months but years.

Success is not going to fall in our laps, we have to work for it and work hard at it. Anyone can dream but only a few will dare to work to achieve that dream.