Nonhlanhla Khuzwayo


As a five-time recipient of the Top 25 Business Leader award since joining the INUKA Business in 2017, I firmly believe that anything is possible with faith in yourself. I constantly remind my Team to look to me as an example if they ever consider giving up. I have persevered for the past six years because I know this Business is legitimate and can transform lives.

To achieve Success, committing to studying and learning your Business is essential. The crux of this Business lies within the INUKA Business Guide, which holds the key to understanding your Business and products. Once you grasp these concepts, introducing new Members and teaching them to do the same becomes effortless. Always be willing to provide support and mentorship to your downline.

Persistence and passion are crucial in this Business. Regardless of your challenges, if you remain persistent and passionate, you will ultimately succeed. Although this past year presented significant business challenges, I am proud to say that I overcame them.

I express my deepest gratitude to God Almighty for granting me the strength to persevere. To my Husband, thank you for your unwavering understanding when I returned home late from deliveries. I am immensely grateful to my Team for their unwavering trust in me. Your belief in my abilities allows me to mentor and motivate you daily, both in my group and during presentations. Your support is the cornerstone of my continued Success.