INUKA | Phuket 2024

Embark on an unforgettable journey with INUKA as we unveil our spectacular 2024 Travel Challenge to the tropical paradise of PHUKET, Thailand. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

Joana Simoes

As leaders we draw our plans, but we never put them into practice. If you want to become Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, or Double Diamond leader today, get your plan off paper and let’s execute it, to make our dreams come true. Watch the inspirational success message by Joana Simoes, our Diamond Leader from Mozambique.

Bwacha Siagwelele

I call INUKA the business of hope. Whatever financial challenge you are having, try INUKA and your life will be changed. Get motivated by the success story of Bwacha Siagwelele, our Diamond Leader from Zambia.

Nadia Ndiyamba

This business is based upon selling. You are either selling the products, or you are selling the business. Take inspiration from the success story of Nadia Ndiyamba, our Diamond Leader from Zimbabwe.

Princess Ndlovu

I decided that I got to sow a seed towards my Diamond Status. I sowed the seed, and today the seed germinated. Today I celebrate my Diamond Status. Enjoy the moving success story from Princess Ndlovu, our Diamond Leader from Zimbabwe.

Molebogeng Mofokeng

In life we come across challenges. This is a marathon. In a marathon you need to prepare, and we prepare differently. When you prepare you set your targets and goals. Do not give up on your dream, do not give up on yourself. Learn from the inspirational success story of Molebogeng Mofokeng, our Diamond Leader from the Free State, South Africa.

Polo Vivo Achiever 2023: Queluba Assinde

Congratulations to Queluba Assinde, our current INUKA Ambassador, on earning her Polo Vivo Comfortline 1.4L Hatch Car with the INUKA Car Reward Program. Queluba, our Triple Diamond Leader from Mozambique, joined INUKA on 20 December 2016 and has been a consistent achiever, previously earning a Kia Rio Tec in SQ1 2019, a Polo Vivo Comfortline in SQ2 2021, and a Mercedes Benz A200 in SQ3 2022.

Nodumo Maqetuka

Let us speak things into existence. Reposition yourself, and success can happen for you too. Let us be leaders that young woman is looking up to. I want us to be independent and make our own money. May you be inspired as you watch the message of Nodumo Maqetuka, our SQ1 Triple Diamond Quarterly Maintenance Rebate Achiever, as a reminder of what’s possible.

Toleka Ludidi

The INUKA Business is here to change your life and story. Your future is in your hands. Do it for yourself and your families because you know why you started. Watch the inspirational success message by Toleka Ludidi, our SQ1 Triple Diamond Quarterly Maintenance Rebate Achiever, from the Western Cape, South Africa.