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Car Reward Program

INUKA offers an exclusive Car Reward Program where you can earn your very own Kia Rio Tec and/or Audi Q5 registered in your personal name! Dream it, Earn it, Own it!

Hong Kong & Disneyland

5 NIGHTS EXPERIENCE - Earn yourself the holiday of your dreams when you achieve 850 Personal PV over 7 July 2017 – 6 January 2018. Departing 22 February 2018 and returning 27 February 2018 *For more information refer to the INUKA Senior and Beyond Business Guide.

MSC Sinfonia 2017 Highlights

On 19 February a phenomenal 122 people from our INUKA family set sail from Durban to Maputo and the Portuguese Islands for a 5-night travel experience of a lifetime. Memories were made that we will all cherish forever.

Top 5 Business Leaders 2016

Let's salute our Top 5 Business Leaders and Ambassador 2016, Kate Sekhu. May this inspire you to be the BEST YOU over the next 12 months and create a LEGACY that matters.

Kate Sekhu Making History

A remarkable story about a woman, Kate Sekhu, born and raised in a village in South Africa. Your life is a reflection of the way you think and what you believe is what you become. You can have nothing, come from nothing and still have everything you can dream about. It starts with you and it is never too late.

Earn Your Kia Rio Tec

All cars earned at INUKA are registered in your name and will become your personal property

Top 5 Business Leaders 2016

A HUGE congratulations to Kate Sekhu, our INUKA Ambassador 2015 who was rewarded with R204 500.00 cash reward on 27th June 2015 at Emperors Palace.

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