INUKA Gala 2018 Highlights Video

INUKA proudly presents our Gala 2018 Highlights Video. As we honored so many of our valued Members we were humbled and moved to see a venue full of inspired and supportive Members who celebrated each other’s successes. Your support for one another is truly awe inspiring. You are all amazing and we thank you for sharing this special event with us.

Travel Challenge to Mauritius

INUKA proudly presents our 2018/2019 Travel Challenge. Earn the holiday of your dreams. 7 NIGHTS ALL-INCLUSIVE Mauritius Holiday.

Earn a Kia Rio Tec and/or Audi Q5

INUKA car challenge is for everyone. See our website for more information on how to earn your very own Kia Rio Tec and/or Audi Q5.

Roann Vetter 2 times Kia Rio achiever in 2018

INUKA proudly present Roann Vetter giving words of wisdom on how she achieved not one but two Kia Rio Tec vehicles in one year through her INUKA business.

Sales Quarter 3 2018 Highlights

INUKA is excited to share our Sales Quarter 3 highlight video with you. Once again, we salute our Members who worked hard to achieve their goals and to all our attendees for the phenomenal spirit that you brought to the event. You are AWESOME, go and make your dreams a reality.

Foot Care Range

INUKA is excited to launch our brand-new Foot Care Range. This range has been carefully selected to give you the ultimate relaxation experience whilst taking care of you and your feet. Created with 7 natural and therapeutic essential oils which are widely renowned for their natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, wound healing and revitalizing properties to soften, nourish and repair skin: Tea Tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Chamomile, Ginger and Lemon. To complement the Foot Care Range, we have included the INUKA Inflatable Foot Spa and Multi-Purpose Foot File.

5 Nights Travel Experience to Hong Kong & Disneyland

INUKA Hong Kong & Disneyland Travel Reward Achievers enjoying the holiday of a lifetime. Anything is possible with INUKA Fragrances.

Sales Quarter 2 Highlights

INUKA is excited to share our Sales Quarter 2 Event highlights with you. So many phenomenal Members were recognized for achieving their goals as well as Roann Vetter receiving her brand new 1.4L Kia Rio Tec Hatch. Full Video on flashdrive available to purchase from INUKA @ R100 each.

Long Lasting Colour Stay Nail Polish Range

INUKA Fragrances: Long Lasting Colour Stay Nail Polish Range. Do It Yourself, Matt and Gel Effect Manicure. Let’s show you how!

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