When I decided to be a Member of INUKA in March 2018, I wanted to earn more money. Today I am at INUKA, living my dreams of the passion I gained doing this business. Changing lives and helping other people grow in this world is my passion.

Doing good has become something great in my life. This goal motivates me to keep going, wake up every day, and inspire my team members to work harder and be stronger every day.

In 2021, I managed to reach the TOP 25 and reach the level of Double Diamond Leader. It wasn’t and isn’t easy, but I didn’t give up. I cried and laughed during this period, but I was there every day behind my passion, after my dream, and today I managed to do it. The goal today is to continue dreaming because there is no limit. What limits us is ourselves; it’s our mind, it’s our heart.

INUKA taught me to adapt to adversity. Today I am who I am because of the changes I accepted to happen to me. To grow in any field in life, we ​​have to have dreams, set goals, and run after them. To be in the TOP 25, we have to define strategies, read a lot about the business and understand why other people succeed and what to do differently from what we already do to achieve our goals.

Running with destiny is the key. It’s no use running to nothing because we will get tired and not go anywhere. Listen to people’s experiences from different areas to understand where success comes from and refine your strategies. Most importantly, be passionate about what we are doing.

Be the light so that you can illuminate the lives of others.

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