I joined INUKA in 2019. I always say it was God’s plan because a simple business can’t transform a person’s life so much!

This business has transformed my life and the life of my family so much that my heart is always filled with gratitude.

The year 2021 was the year of many victories in my life. I realized that in this business, what matters most is your effort and positioning. I worked so hard with my team that I could make the Diamond and Double Diamond level in 6 months without even waiting. Double Diamond Status was something I did not expect or prepare for. But with the dynamic team I have, they made it happen for our team. I am happy to be one of the Top 25 Business Leaders. It was a dream becoming a reality.

Seeing many of my leaders at the INUKA Annual Gala was exciting. Being recognized as a Top 25 Business Leader and the Cash Reward set an example to my team of what is possible with hard work.

I learned from each person I added to my group on my journey. After all, new people in the team bring new dynamics. With this thought, I managed to have a dynamic team that took me to the Top25 Business Leader Category.

The tip I leave for all leaders is not to be afraid of change. Do not worry too much about leaders who already know the way. Focus on the new members!

Pay attention to your new recruits. They are eager to learn from you. You can also learn from them because they come with many new ideas and good strategies.

For new members, as soon as you receive your member code, feel like a leader and start acting like a leader in pursuit of your dream team.

A team’s commitment is only as strong as Leader’s commitment to the team. Many people will need your inspiration. Never give up!

Thank you to my team, Millionaire Team. You are the best ever. I love you! Thank you to my family. Your support contributed to my success!

For everyone to know: You too can do this business!

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