I met INUKA in 2018 through my Upline line, Relda Koko. I thought the products were fantastic, and I fell in love with the company’s Compensation Plan. I also loved that INUKA treats all members equally, regardless of their level.

God has shown me that only He can show me the right way, for He has shown His faithfulness in many ways in my life.

When I was introduced to the business opportunity, I realized that it was a way to make my dreams come true, go to college and give the best to my family. (my daughter, my mother, and my brothers). With this business, I decide how many hours I want to work and what I want to earn. I am proud to say that I am genuinely a brave and fabulous woman.

As a leader, I reached Double Diamond Status in June 2021 and became a Top 25 Business Leader in 2021. It has been a year of miracles for me. I also proudly promoted Ruby and Beyond Leaders. I also set up two product outlets in 4 months, which helped organize my INUKA business to become more stable.

I hope to change more lives on my INUKA journey. I feel that this is my mission. I am developing successful leaders, women and men. I use this opportunity to encourage all my business leaders to fight for their dreams and never put them in someone else’s hands. You are responsible for your failure and your success.

Thank you, INUKA, for this business opportunity! There are already thousands of people who, with this opportunity, decided to make dreams come true and change their lives and that of many other people.

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