The day I joined INUKA, I never realized how much my life would change for the better because of my INUKA Business. I see growth in myself, financially, and in many facets of my life. Five years after joining INUKA, I am recognized as INUKA’s No 3 Business Leader for 2021. Indeed, INUKA empowers every life touched. The INUKA Business is meeting many of my life dreams.

Sitting in an INUKA white chair had been my dream for a while, but I knew I needed to grow more to pursue that dream. In 2021, I started to pursue my Top 5 Business Leader Dream. I would visualize the type of dress that would suit the chair. I even got a white chair in my house as a constant reminder that I will be one of the Top 5 Business Leaders one of these days. I can assure you to keep dreaming even if your dream doesn’t materialize immediately. One day the dream will come true!

The journey wasn’t easy. In 2021, the competition seemed more challenging. I told myself I would do my best and leave no room for regrets. My biggest game-changer was working with my team to grow our group sales. I believe in growth, and I always want to see my team stepping out of their comfort zone. Being recognized as a Top 3 Business Leader plus the accompanying cash reward was a huge bonus that came as a pleasant surprise. My most considerable pride came from the fact that I raised more than 10 Members in my team who each earned at least one Rainbow Checque, one of them being amongst the Top 25 Business Leaders. True success comes from raising others, and as you do, you will keep rising.

Thank you, Alma, and our INUKA mentors for this life-changing business. Thanks to my team for the hard work and for winning consistently. The celebration will continue until the next Gala Event.

Thanks to my INUKA friends who supported and wished me the best on my white chair journey. Special thanks to my husband, who believed in me even when I doubted myself. I dedicate this achievement to you.

It is never too late to join INUKA. Make that decision today!!

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