My journey started on 16 March 2018 when I invested in an R600 Business Kit. This decision changed my life.

With hard work, dedication, consistency, commitment, and discipline, I became one of the Top 25 Business Leaders for the third time. Amazing, indeed! 2021 was not an easy year, but I set goals at the beginning of the year. Therefore, I had to push regardless of every challenge that came my way.

Talking about challenges, if your “Why” is not strong enough, you will quit along the way. Challenges will come when you least expect them, but never forget WHY you started. Throughout my journey, I learned how to transform challenges into achievements through a force of energy to push more and never give up. I’ve learned that challenges will come your way all the time. All we need is to become better every day. Without experience and challenges, I would not be where I am today. I taught myself to be self-motivated

I planned my journey from the beginning of the year. I told myself I wanted to be amongst the Top 10 Business Leaders in 2021. I focused on all my Rainbow Pillars. It was all about planning, implementation, discipline, dedication, teamwork, and reflection. I worked with my team, from Diamond Leaders down to new members. I also did regular training sessions because I knew alone I would not make it.

My main focus was on consistency across the team. I must say Team Shosho did the best in 2021. Several leaders in my group bought properties, cars, renovated their homes, paid off debts, etc. It is all about having clear visions, setting high goals, and knowing what you want to achieve.

To all the INUKA Members: When challenges come your way, always remember why you started. Set goals and work on achieving them.

To my Team Shosho: Thank you for your extra hard work and commitment. I am because together we are a Team. Let us keep on working together to achieve our goals.

To my Husband: Thank you so much for understanding me and my business needs. Thank you for helping and supporting me every day, Ncibane.

To my Family and Friends: Thank you for motivating me to push more and more. Thank you to all my clients for your endless support. It is always and forever appreciated.

To the INUKA Staff, you guys are the best. INUKA is blessed to have all of YOU. A special thank you goes to my mentor, Sandra Chitanda. You always bring out the best in me. Thank you for your mentoring. I am the best because you are the best.

To our INUKA Founder: Thank you for this business opportunity that changed my life and many people around me.

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