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5th May 2019

I water you, you water me. Together we grow.

I have been an entrepreneur for a few years now and I share this passion with my husband who has been an entrepreneur for 13 years. Being an entrepreneur is rewarding but you also realize that it can sometimes be a lonely place as there are no colleagues to chat to or office parties to attend. Apart from our clients feedback we don’t have reviews where we are given clear directions and where we need to improve, it’s all up to us.
5th May 2019

99 Balloons

Many years ago, while watching an episode of Oprah I was profoundly touched by a YouTube clip Oprah shared on that show. It was called 99 Balloons. If you haven’t watched this then you should. It’s about a father who wrote short letters to his newborn son who was born with Edward syndrome and Doctors hadn’t expected him to even make it to birth. It’s a very touching story and I warn you, have the tissues ready. But the message I took from this story and carry with me every day is to live for today.
5th May 2019

You are capable of anything

I recently read Ed Sheeran by Sean Smith. What an eye opener. He wasn’t born with a voice or musical skills. He decided when he was 10 years old that he wanted to learn how to play the guitar and from there he decided he would like to be a singer. For a boy who had to overcome a stutter and develop a singing voice, because he wasn’t very good when he started out, to the young man he is now at the top of his chosen profession as a successful top selling artist.
5th May 2019

Giving from the heart

Some time ago I upgraded my sons’ bed and had to find a new home for his single bed that had super underbed storage draws. I intended to sell the second-hand bed and did a little research on how much a good as new second-hand bed could be sold for. My son’s new bed arrived and suddenly his old bed was terribly in the way and I had to make a decision. On a whim I contacted a charity and asked if they had any families in need of a bed and of course they did.
5th May 2019

Guard your reputation

You know the saying “Your reputation precedes you”. Well it’s true. We go about our lives oblivious to the impact we may be having on others. If we choose to talk badly about people, belittle people and generally be a negative person then no wonder we end up being feared, not liked and avoided.
8th April 2019