Weziwe Pahleni

I am 33 years and was born and bred in KwaBhaca, formerly Mount Frere, in a small village Mbodleni, located in the Eastern Cape Province. Currently I am residing in Gauteng and working for the Department of Education.

I joined INUKA in July 2019. I was introduced by my sister and when I looked at the INUKA Compensation Plan I told myself that I am going to work hard to achieve every INUKA challenge and reward that is presented to me. I started selling by using social media platforms. I would wake up an hour before my usual time and post on Facebook and WhatsApp. I would then prepare to get ready for work and during my lunch time I would check my phone. By then I would be having lots and lots of orders that I had to deliver after working hours. My approach was to earn great retail profits and that my success story would then attract people to join my Team to do the same.

Indeed, people started to show interest. I would regularly be able to introduce 10 or more people per month to join my team. I also started a WhatsApp group to motivate and inspire my team every day and I would also conduct presentations at least twice a month.

This is what I taught my team: Never be without stock. Have a very good relationship with your customers. Work with the 90 Day Growth Plan. Always re-visit your goals and keep track of your performance so that you can know when your momentum drops. Most importantly, I taught my team to have DISCIPLINE. The most common mistake people make is to spend all their earnings they have made in their early months of doing the business and not re-invest back into their business. I always advise my team to re-invest their profits even if they encounter challenges until their businesses are financially strong enough.

I encourage my team to invest their time, money, and energy in their INUKA businesses. This will lead to success and you will reach your goals and in turn we as a team will be successful.

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