Thula Lebatla-Kheta

In August 2019 I did not just join the INUKA Business, I became part of the INUKA Community. Like anything you take interest in, I did my research. I wanted to get to know the INUKA Leaders who earns the big Cash Rewards. I saw on Social Media how these Leaders got to achieve these rewards. The one thing I told myself was that I needed to know how these phenomenal achievements are reached. I could imagine myself earning these rewards as well. After reading the INUKA Business Guide, I realized that hard work had to be done.

I was so fired up and I wanted things to happen at the speed of light. I also realized that it was my very own responsibility to inspire and support my team. Thank you to my husband who constantly asks me about my targets and plans. My husband became my biggest supporter and mentor.

When the COVID- pandemic hit South Africa, it felt like it came to destroy us. Not all of us understood that we had to adjust and adapt to the new normal. I would find myself like a radio that lost signal at times because I would be understanding of situations and wake up the next day and it would be all different. We were tested. I will forever be grateful to my team for not giving up on the business and for standing by me always. I will admit that it is not easy to work with me. I appreciate my team and their high levels of tolerance.

It is during the same COVID-19 lockdown that I found myself. I had to go through transformation. I had to grow and make better decisions not only for my INUKA Business, but also for my personal life.

Today I am a Diamond Leader who rubs shoulders with other successful INUKA Leaders. I made sure they know me and my position at INUKA, because I also will soon be part of them.

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