Not even in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine that in space of only one year since joining INUKA and growing my business that I would reach a position in the Top 25 Business Leader Category.

I started INUKA, firstly because as a telecommunication engineer, I was working in a world where a woman is not recognized and valued and because of this my self-esteem was quite low. Secondly, I was looking for a business that could give an additional remuneration of only R1500 per month just to help me and my husband to raise our small family. But my results after one year in the business was quite impressive. Today I am a leader of a network of INUKA Resellers and surrounded by people that I love to work with. My people recognise me not just as a woman, but as a leader with huge potential to transform lives.

I have found myself. I love to work with my team, to market my business and products and to motivate and guide people to also feel valued and successful.

I would like to dedicate this to my team: Success only comes when we truly believe in the work that we are doing and making our work extraordinary. Perseverance, motivation and improving our knowledge about the potential of our INUKA Business could take us to places beyond our best imagination.

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