Oh, what a year it was. 2021 showed me the meaning of the Bible verse: For when I am weak, then I am strong. It reminds me and is a true reflection of the story of the Footprints in the Sand.

I had given up on doing well in my INUKA Business in March 2021. Things went sour, and my world crumbled. As much as we do business, business goes together with personal life. One needs to be in good mental health status, also emotionally. I could not get into this mental state. I could not even try.

My life was out there. I felt like a celebrity where everyone has a right to say and speculate. That didn’t help, yet I had to keep the front. I had to Show Up every day. I had a team that looked up to me, a team that I had to motivate and support while I had no energy to do this.

I showed up as expected. I was open and honest about how I felt every day. When I wasn’t ok, I would inform them. I am blessed by Team Gejeza,  iTeam Yam Yomqino, and iTeam Yam, yoLovie. My teams also said I shouldn’t forget to mention what I call them because they are the best. They kept me afloat as I knew they looked up to me, and it was my job not to disappoint them. They make me sanely crazy, but I wouldn’t trade my team for anything.

Through Team Gejeza, I made it to where I am today: No 4 Business Leader in INUKA. They said: “Momma, you can do this; you will represent us.” As the year came to an end, my prayer was to finish all Rainbow Legs so that I could make my team proud.

Little did I think my efforts would go this far. Being recognized as the No 4 Business Leader in INUKA is still something I can’t believe. I’m even failing to celebrate. I can safely say being open and honest about business took me a long way. Paying attention and making time for the team is what pulled me through. The long hours I gave to my team paid off. They stood in the gap for me when I couldn’t.

They aimed to make me proud, and they did. It is what made our Team the No 4 Team in INUKA.

The year 2021 humbled me. I always thought I was humble, but 2021 taught me what humbleness in reality means.

My advice, being honest with your team goes a long way!

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