Once again, I was recognized as an INUKA Top 10 Business leader for the second consecutive year. This award is an amazing and unexpected surprise considering the tight competition with stronger leaders in the business.

In 2021, I realized that leadership is the art of creating greatness. Thus, I started focusing on empowering the leaders in my downline to embrace more significant challenges and showing them the need to build up leaders within their teams.

I noticed that those who embraced the challenge became stronger, met their personal goals, and became even more resilient in the business. I show my team that a leader walks the talk. So, leading by example, we ought to be the first to achieve Club 40, Special Star, the Rainbow Challenge, etc.

I also impart the very truth that we are the INUKA Brand’s ambassadors. Consequently, we should know in-depth the product range and be the first customers of our business!

Looking into the hurdles we all have been facing in the past 2 years, I seized the opportunity to intensify doing the business basics: recruiting and continued training, which has yielded excellent results.

I instill in the heart of the new members the need to find and embrace their “why” and the reason they joined the INUKA Business. When they embrace their “why”, they are likely to carry on and strive despite setbacks. This is the gem I keep searching for in people, revealing their hunger for success!

I have increased the training sessions, focusing on new members and not neglecting senior and less inactive Members.

On a personal note, I enjoy doing training sessions as they put me in touch with people, thus helping to change their lives for the better!

My biggest goal is to inspire my team to meet the Barcelona Travel Incentive. Only then can they realize that traveling is not a privilege for just a few. They are all unique and deserve it. They only need to put in the hard work.

Meeting the Barcelona Travel Incentive would automatically mean that hard work produces results. In turn, we can also make progress towards our Rainbow Challenge, Quarterly Maintenance Bonus, increased Volume Rebates, etc.

I also plan to continue reactivating as many inactive members as possible so they can taste the sweetness of succeeding in the business again!

To those out there, especially my leaders, make sure you invest quality time with your team, always go the extra mile, and reward those who achieve.

Finally, I would like to thank Jehovah for all the blessings. Thank you to my team for your unconditional support. The Top 7 Award is also yours. A special thank you also goes to my family, especially my husband and friends.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you’re going to go far, go together.

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