I joined INUKA in January 2021. My Upline is Maria Sainda. INUKA is one of the best financial decisions I have ever made.

When I joined, Maria took the time to train my first downline and me about the INUKA Business and all the benefits.

She then advised us to start working towards the Rainbow Challenges. Imagine being a new member and being told to achieve 100 personal points per month! Today, I am thankful for her instructions. She ignited a fire within me. I knew what I had to do and how to get there from the start of my journey. Maria has led by example and has been an influence for good that has led to my success.

Working hard, I also focussed on the basics to consistently achieve Club 40 and Special Star Recognition. INUKA has rewarded every effort through Rebates and Bonuses.

There is great strength in starting your INUKA Sales Month with goals and a strategy. As a team leader, you need to mentor your team, help set goals for your team, show them possibilities, especially when they are new in the business.

The Sukholuhle I am today is confident, organized, working towards total financial freedom, and can dream big, thanks to INUKA.

I am grateful to our Founder for the opportunity to be part of this beautiful business. The incentives are excellent. My Heavenly Father has been faithful. Whenever I have worked and asked for His help, He has answered with more than I ever imagined.

I am truly grateful for all the awards I have received thus far. I made it to the Top 100 Business Leaders within 6 months of joining INUKA and the Top 3 New Business Leader Category in my first year.

To my Dream Team, Mozambique: We made it!

Thank you for all the support to my family, especially my Husband, Freeman Dickie. Thank you, INUKA Staff, for your patience and assistance.

If you have faith in God, believe in yourself. Make the INUKA Business Guide your friend. Watch and learn from your leaders and peers, and your success is guaranteed.

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