I joined INUKA in October 2018.

In the 1st place, gratitude to God, my parents, all my INUKA Downlines, my assistants, and the entire INUKA Office Team, especially to those who take care of Mozambique Members and orders with great affection.

A huge and unique thank you to my husband and our children for the inspiration and support they always give me. I love you.

Being in the Top 25 and the big cash reward was proof of all the divine answers and hard work because 2021 was a year of many challenges!

About being a Top 25 Business Leader

At INUKA, there are no lucky ones, but there are conquerors!

I always teach my team members that it is very important to understand our needs. If you lack something in your life, fight for it, work for it, and don’t give up until you get it. When you don’t get it, don’t settle for less. Try again.

This business is more than doing it just for ourselves. It makes us people of the world. It makes us people who change the lives of others. With each recruitment and mentoring, you have the opportunity to change someone’s life positively. Each success achieved will be your pride ad accomplishment. When God asks you what you did for others, you will raise the name INUKA with great pride.

Let us not recruit just for monetary or momentary benefits. Let us recruit and guide all our members in the hope of a better world!

Let us work with more love, humility, empathy, and the spirit of helping our teams!

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