Every achievement in life depends on your commitment! When you want something, you have to run after it. As hard as it is to achieve, giving up can never be an option! The bigger your dream, the harder you will have to work.

Success is not a straight line. Not everything is perfect. Along the way, we will encounter some obstacles, decreasing our excitement. However, we need to learn to shake off the challenges and keep moving forward. We cannot let insecurity and fear dominate.

Start each day with boldness and courage, and victory will come your way. Many Members give up on their dreams without trying long enough. Your efforts and determination will reflect the size of your success.

If you want to go far and have consistency in the business, work with your team. The union of a team is what creates lasting and growing success. I work with my Downlines by stimulating their inner growth. Hold regular group and face-to-face meetings. Make one-on-one calls to get to know each individual’s struggles and strengths to encourage personal growth.

Create excitement in your team. For example, do regular internal challenges for your group with a special gift and a lucky draw for those that achieve certain milestones. Always make sure that you complete all the challenges that INUKA launches from time to time so that your group can follow in your footsteps.

Thank you to INUKA and my Downlines. Together we are stronger.

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