I am delighted to have managed to retain INUKA Ambassadorship for the 2nd time. Everyone asks me how did I get here?

I want to share a few important points:

  1. Reference

We must have a reference, someone who inspires us and who we admire. For me, it is one of our INUKA Leaders, Nodumo Maqetuka. I admire how she handles her business and the training she has given to her group.

  1. Knowledge

I don’t stop seeking knowledge. I don’t stop learning. I read about everything. I read about digital marketing, how to handle people, financial education, how to use INUKA products, how to deal with success, how to deal with money, and much more.

  1. Focus

I see that many people who don’t achieve results are because they don’t have focus. In other words, they want to do several things simultaneously. They join INUKA, and soon after, they join other network businesses. That way, it’s impossible to get results. You need to focus. You have to wake up INUKA, you have to sleep INUKA, think INUKA, breathe INUKA, look INUKA, be INUKA. I am INUKA, I will always be INUKA.

  1. Investment

We need to invest in our business. It means investment in both time and money. Because to see our team grow, we have to have stock to help new members to have the products on time.

  1. Look at ourselves

We must look at ourselves. Where we came from. Where we are and where we want to go. And we constantly have to question ourselves about what led us to embrace the INUKA business and fight to achieve our goal. We always have to challenge ourselves.

  1. Always have a pen and paper on hand

It is crucial always to write down our achievements, dreams, possible recruits, and customers. Write down about your sales and the products that are your best sellers. Write down what we want to acquire with the money we will earn at INUKA, how much we will need, and how long we have to work to buy this.

  1. The fear

Fear has stolen many people’s dreams. People are afraid to invest in the business. That’s why many don’t grow in the business.

People don’t want to take any risks. But they must know that it is impossible to achieve success if we do not allow ourselves to do and fail. So that next time, we can do it and get it right. Every business has risks, and we are likely to take that risks. Try it even with fear and shine.

  1. Love people

In our business, we have cosmetics, which are for people. We think our business is the products we sell, but we can’t forget that these products are for people. We have to love people.

There’s no way to grow in this business if we don’t like people and ourselves as salespeople. If we sell perfumes, I personally have to smell good, so I’ll be an example of my business!

  1. Celebration

It’s important to celebrate everything. All achievements. Every person we recruit. Every INUKA Event. Every challenge achieved. We have to celebrate everything.


Finally, Alma, thank you for the great INUKA Business that improves our lives. Thanks to my husband, who has supported me tirelessly. Without him, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am.

Thanks to the Mozambique Team for the great teamwork. Together we are stronger, and we will learn new strategies to market our business every day.

Thanks to the INUKA team that has worked tirelessly to ensure that Mozambique orders arrive safely and completely. Thanks to my super mentor Edna, who is always there, challenging me day after day and never letting me give up!

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