Last year I realized that NOW, right NOW, is The Era Of Possibilities to become one of the Top Achievers in the INUKA Business.

I started having conversations with myself about what I wanted in life and what I could do better. I discovered where I wanted to be in the INUKA Business, and I worked seriously towards my goal as if my life depended on it. I realized that I had to change how I do business to see change on my annual performance.

Every day I think about that one goal I want to achieve. Each day I would action towards this goal and continue moving towards my other goals within the business. Focus, a positive mindset, and my goals kept me going in the business and my journey towards being an exceptional Top Achiever.

When I achieved Triple Diamond Leadership Status, I realized that I stood an excellent chance to become part of the Top 10 Business Leaders Category, and I continued to work tirelessly. The goal of being part of the Top 10 became my daily prayer. I continued keeping busy, pushing, working, and wanting to achieve this goal.

Towards the end of the year, I could see that all members were seriously working very hard, and anything was possible on the Annual Rainbow Results. On the last day of Sales Year 2021, I patted myself on the back and waited for the results, whether in favor or not of my desires. I knew I had done everything I could do.

Team Success, I am proud to be your Leader. 2022 is another year. Let’s do business unusual!

Set your SMART Goals and work towards achieving them. Be a leader that leads by example. In your own way, take your position in the business, own it, and inspire others.

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