The most successful network marketing entrepreneurs know that the secret to reaching your goal starts with your daily routine. Not only will your business grow, but better habits will develop that will make you a better person.

Being in business for 5 years, I tend to find myself in a comfort zone and getting relaxed. But in 2021, I set a goal to be the INUKA Top Recruiter and achieve a position in the Top 25 Business Leader Category. I stayed committed to my goals, and I am grateful to have kept to daily habits of focus and growth.

It is so easy to start when you feel inspired and on fire. It is even harder to stay committed and to FINISH. Decide you are a person who finishes. Finish what you started. Decide to be different.

If you quit because you were unsuccessful, you were not successful because the quit option was always there. Don’t make quitting an option! Keep powering through and finish what you started STRONG. You are one decision away from a completely different story to tell. Show up for yourself, show up for your family, show up for your future.

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