It was in October 2019 when I, for the first time, came across an INUKA IN Touch MAGAZINE given to me by my Upline, Thula Lebatlu- Khetha.

I read all the success stories in one day. I was so curious after that. I could not stop believing that all my dreams would be so close to achieving if I could walk in the footsteps of these outstanding leaders.

My journey of success in INUKA was never a bed of roses but looking deep inside my heart to remember all the bigger dreams that I have ahead of my future made me love my setbacks and the speed humps that I met along the journey. These strong thoughts that run in my mind made me find solutions to my obstacles.

I believe being an entrepreneur is my natural path in life. I started hustling at a very young age. I used to sell lollies and chips at school. I joined various network marketing businesses when I got to the tertiary level. I forever remained hopeful and determined to earn better even though I did not get ideal coaching as I have now with INUKA. The INUKA Business Guide and support from my Upline trigger the tenacity and dedication to doing better every day.

The most delightful surprise was when my name was announced amongst the Top 25 Business Leaders for 2021. Every month I worked hard to wake up to a Diamond Status, and trying and failing made me understand that I must keep my efforts and focus.

I officially reached my Diamond Leadership Status in October 2021. It was a remarkable achievement as I struggled to get to this status for a while. I was more focused on my Rainbow Categories and wanted to collect as many cheques as possible, not knowing that I was indeed aiming at touching the sky.

I would love to tell INUKA Team Lesotho that we got the blue medal through our hard work, even though we know that we could have done so much more. Imagine the level of success for all of us going forward if we take our businesses much more seriously and dedicate more effort. Every successful business needs more than one Leader. Let’s strive toward Diamond and Beyond Statuses for each of us.

I know you all have a beautiful dream. Live the life of your dreams. Be brave enough to live according to your vision and purpose.

Finally, I want to embrace our INUKA Founder, Alma Gericke. Alma, you are a treasure to the Africans. You are a gift sent to be the salt of the world. You have incredibly added value to our lives, and I thank you.

To my mentor and Upline, Thula, I am not ashamed to acknowledge that I would not have made it this far without you. You keep instilling hope and motivation in the team every day. Please know that your hard work is highly remarkable, and thank you so much.

To my spouse and two sons, you are why I joined this money-making machine. I appreciate the chance you give me to do my INUKA Business even at night. I honor all those sacrifices you make for me to succeed in business.

To my team: You have genuinely become my family. You are the people I spent most of my time contacting, either on the phone or in person. I love your perseverance and commitment to this business. Let us stand up together and change the nation so that we can all be financially free through this miraculous Company, INUKA.

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