Ndivhudzannyi Mofokeng


My INUKA Journey began in March 2022 when I received a message from a friend, Molebogeng Mofokeng, telling me that she wished we travel to Barcelona together. The obvious question was what I must do to qualify for this trip. She explained the INUKA Business to me. However, my only interest then was in the Barcelona Travel Incentive. I immediately thought of unemployed women and that the INUKA Business Opportunity could empower them. I identified four people, and they all started with an INUKA Senior Kit. Unfortunately, they were not working as hard as I thought they would.

After attending a Sales Quarter Event in May 2022, I was keen on pursuing my INUKA Business. My new interest was to be recognized as a Top 3 New Business Leader. From that day on, I focused on the Barcelona Travel Incentive and the Top 3 New Business Leader Recognition. I familiarized myself with the INUKA Business Guide and learned from other Leaders’ achievements.

I was mainly motivated by seeing people with full-time jobs succeeding in their INUKA Business and asking who I was to say I could not do it.

I stepped up when the four trees I planted died, the excuse being that people don’t buy. I wanted to disprove that. I wanted to prove that nothing is impossible. I took my stock and went out to sell it on the street. Amazingly, I always came back without stock and with money.

I never looked back because my four trees did not make it. I never stopped planting. I believe that even the ones that have died will also come back to life. After all, nothing has ever been easy in life. Sometimes, it will not look like a harvest, but the right time always comes.