Melba Molemogi


I heard about INUKA in 2022 but was hesitant to join. I thought the market was already flooded with people selling different types of perfumes. My friend and Upline, Sithabile Feremenga, assured me that INUKA was different and would always stand out in the crowd. I asked if I could get a few perfumes to sell and test the waters. Those perfumes sold out within a week. That was when I knew I had hit gold.

I still wasn’t sure about joining and asked many questions every day. My Upline was patient and told me I was the right person for this business. I was hungry for success. So she explained the Compensation Plan, and I loved the Fast Rebate Progress program. I joined and started selling like crazy. This business changed my life in a short time.

I attended my first INUKA Event and VIP High Tea in August 2023. It was so glamorous that I came back even more motivated to grow. Then I found out that I and my husband were expecting a baby. I was thrilled but worried about how I’d reach my goals because my goals were huge. Sithabile told me to take it one day at a time, push on my good days, and rest on my bad days. My husband made most of the deliveries while I focused on training my Team and advertising. I’m forever grateful for such a support system. I’m so glad I didn’t give up or slow down, though I still can’t believe I’m among the Top 3 New Business Leaders in 2023.

Thank you, INUKA, for this fantastic opportunity. It has changed my family’s life. My children will grow up in a financially secure environment. And hopefully, one day, they will inherit my INUKA Business.